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  • Melamine board(sample)

    Melamine board also known as double panels, avoid lacquer board, ecological board. Its base material is particle board or MDF or composite board or block board. It is composed of base material and surface bonding. Surface cover is treated with fire prevention, wear-resistant, waterproof soak, use effect similar to compound wood floor.
            Melamine board is decorative board which with different colors or texture of paper soaks in the melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, mat formation on the surface of particleboard, moisture proof board, MDF, plywood, joinery board or other hardboard, then via hot pressing.
           Melamine board performance:
           1Melamine board can copy all sorts of design and color and luster. Its veneer used for a variety of man-made board. It has high hardness, wear resistance, good heat resistance.
           2It has chemical resistance, and can resist abrasion by acid, alkali, grease and alcohol solvent.
           3The surface smooth, easy to maintain clean.
          Melamine board has the excellent properties that natural lumber can’t, so often used in interior architecture decoration and all kinds of furniture, cabinets.

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