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  • Density board

    Density board is one of the main base materials of melamine board.

    It is man-made plank which is wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, then use glue into the plank. According to different densities, they divided into high density board, middle density board and low density board.
           Density board because of soft impact resistance, but also easy to rework. It is a good type of wood for making furniture.
           Density board’s surface is smooth level off, material quality is stable, edge is firm, and have a good decoration. But density board wave resistance is poorer, and density board holding nail force is relatively is poorer than particle board. Due to the strength of the density board is not strong, if the screw becomes loose after tightening, due to the strength of the density board is not strong, it's hard to fix.


    1、 Density board is easy to finish machining. Various coating, paint can be evenly coated on density board. It is the base material of choice for paint.

    2、Density board is a kind of beautiful decorative plates.

    3、All kinds of wood veneer, tape film, decorative panels, light metal sheet, melamine paper are  stickered on the density board.

    4、 The density board can make acoustic board after coining, drilling, used in architectural decoration project.

    5、Physical performance is wonderful, uniform texture, and no dehydration

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