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  • Composite board

    Composite board is one of the main base materials of melamine board.

    It is a plate material which is made of logs by cutting rotary veneer, use adhesive agglutination of three layers or more layers of plate material, usually with an odd number of veneer, and veneer and the adjacent layer fiber direction is perpendicular agglutination.
            Composite board is also called the plywood, is one of the commonly used furniture material. It is usually the crown plywood table plate and the inner surface according to configuration on both sides of the center layer or plate core. Commonly used with three-ply board, five-layer plywood, etc. Composite board improves the utilization rate of wood plywood; it is a main way to save wood.
            Composite board has strong structure, good stability. There is more advantages like: light texture, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, impact resistance and vibration, easy processing and finishing, and insulation. Because glue amount of composite board is more, should deal with sealing side processing, so that reduces pollution.

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