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  • Particle board

    Particle board is one of the main base materials of melamine board

    It is man-made board, and is called flake board which is made of wood or other lignocelluloses materials, then use glue into the plank under the action of the heat and pressure. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing, construction industry and the train, auto car manufacturing.

    Because of particle board structure is evener, processing performance is good, can according to need to be processed large-format plank, is good raw material for making different kinds of furniture. Particle board manufactured goods do not need to be dry again, can be used directly.

    1Particle boards have good sound absorptiongood sound insulation and adiabatic performance.

    2The internal structure of cross-stone granular, each direction performance is basically the same, and the horizontal bearing capacity is good.
    3The surface of particle board is smooth, the texture is clear, the density is uniform, thickness error is small. Particle board is resistant to pollution, ageing resistance, beautiful appearance, can undertake all kinds of cover.
    4The glue quantity of particle boards is small in the process of production. And the environmental coefficient is relatively high.

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